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OS GIKEN | Performance Auto Parts, Clutches, LSD & Gear Sets

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If you want to give that extra oomph to your racing car then you should start by installing a high performance super OS Giken engine, which is specifically designed for race cars. And to make the best use of this engine you need an OS Giken Sequential Gearbox, which will make sure you don’t face any torque transfer stop or lose speed while changing gears.

To get the perfect gear ratio you can pair your gearbox with Rb 25 OS Giken Gear Set. With the help of OS Giken clutches, you can make your engine and the gearbox sing in perfect harmony. This will make your gear shifts smooth and give you the perfect engine-wheel disconnection to ensure you retain the control of the engine during sharp turns or drifts.

You must keep an OS Giken Twin Plate Clutch Rebuilt Kit to get an instant replacement for your burnt out clutch discs.

We also offer high performance parts manufactured by some of the leading brands such as Cusco and BMC.

With such high performance upgrades you need to ensure a very smooth movement; in order to reduce In order to experience a smoother ride and to make the gear shift even smoother get an OS Giken clutch installed.

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