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Cusco Suspension & Auto parts

cusco suspension parts installed

No matter how powerful the engine you install in your card and how great the quality of your performance parts is, if you cannot control your vehicle, all that money spent will be wasted. So what helps you control your car’s ride? A perfect suspension system!

Without a strong suspension, your car will wriggle out of control at every bump or sharp turn. You will get very poor control over steering and the vehicle will not be able to absorb any road shocks; for race cars, this translates to disaster. The job of your car’s suspension system is to increase the tire-road surface friction so that your car can get the perfect grip and give you the steering stability needed at high speed.

Cusco is known for manufacturing suspension parts that are famous for reliability and quality. These parts are designed to give you the perfect connection between your wheels and the rest of your car. From adjustable rear trailing rods for Subaru to shift bezel made of pure carbon fiber, these parts will help you control the unwanted forces that arise when you push brakes or step on the gas pedal.

Cusco suspension system parts will allow you to minimize your car’s weight shift from one side to other during sharp turns, giving you a better a control. They will also allow the weight of your car to be transferred from high side to low side during cornering.

In addition to suspension parts, Cusco also manufactures other parts for your car’s engine and exterior.

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