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High Performance Brake Parts & Kits

high performance brake parts and kits in close up

Stopping power is crucial for any performance car, and brakes system should be one of the key areas of focus during your rounds of upgrades. Consideration needs to be given to the tires, stainless steel brake lines, brake rotors, brake cylinder stoppers, and more as well as addressing your specific braking needs and wheel clearance requirements. What is essential is increasing the amount of friction existing between the rotor and the brake pads, in addition to having high-quality performance tires that have more surface area and make better contact with the road.

This combination increases the overall coefficient of friction, and EDO Performance carries the latest in braking components and wheels to give you the complete solution needed for your particular make and model. Whatever stage of upgrading you are currently at, we have exactly what you’re looking for to squeeze the maximum potential from your ride. Take a look at our Suspension and Drivetrain collection to complement your purchase.