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May 02, 2008


Tuning: Day 1 Recap

Hey Folks!

Miguel has arrived and Day1 of 4 was a complete success!

We started the day off taking care of Joseph’s Gold Wide-Body WRX. We tried to tune her last time, but there was a solenoid issue in the boost controller. So now that we’ve taken care of that problem, it’s back on the dyno for some real numbers! Miguel did not disappoint, as she’s running 19PSi at 335AWHP!

Joseph Cruz Dyno 01

Joseph Cruz Dyno 02

Joseph Cruz Dyno (PowerGraph)

Next came along Ryan’s WRX. Who needs a front bumper these days?

Ryan Campbell Dyno 01

With a fresh set of spark plugs installed while Joseph’s car was on the dyno, Ryan was all set! But wait! Turns out his turbo inlet pipe had a nice sized hole in so it needed a quick fixin’! Luckily, here at EDO Performance, we don’t just work on cars, we stock a ton of parts! Ryan opted for the APS Turbo Inlet Pipe and 3 hours later, his car was back and ready for the dyno! Pushing out 268AWHP, this WRX sounded beastly!

Next in line was Kyle and his 2005 STi! With a 3-inch Turboback, intake, and a fresh set of newly installed 650cc injectors, his STi rocked out 311AWHP!

Kyle Cook Dyno 01

Kyle Cook Dyno (PowerGraph)

Don’t mind the Del Taco, we got hungry!

I’ll have video after the entire weekend is finished! Pictures do some justice, but hearing these babies is a whole new story!

I’ll have a recap of Day 2, so stay tuned!

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