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May 12, 2008


Tuning: Weekend Recap

Hey guys and gals!

I do apologize for the lack of Day 2, 3, and 4 recaps, but I figured I’d save up all those updates into one gynormous Weekend Recap update! Yay!

Day 2

We had a car sit on the dyno overnight due to a wheel bearing failure, and transmission/differential fluid changes. So I took care of changing out the fluids, and then we took the car off the dyno so that the wheel bearing could get replaced.

Mike Baerwolf Dyno 01

So as that car was getting worked out, we moved a car up a few spots and began tuning the Tomei ARMS M-7760 EJ20 Project Car!

Yuhow Low Dyno 01

Yuhow Low Dyno 02

I will cover the full details of this project very soon, along with dyno graphs and comparisons.

Next up on the list is Ryan and his Evo 9 MR! First things first, this car is just sick! Very tastefully done on the exterior, and conservative on the engine mods!

Ryan Chan Dyno 01

Ryan Chan Dyno 02

The dyno results: 299.5 AWHP and 265.7 ft/lb of torque!

Ryan Chan Dyno (PowerGraph)

We then placed Mike’s car back on the dyno for the tune, but it turns out the differentials were shot! No bueno!

Day 3

We started off the day tuning our new 2008 STi!

EDO Performance Dyno GRB 01

The car is completely stock, but we decided to tune her up to Stage 1 via TurboXS Utec, and we yielded finished up at 281.1AWHP and 314.5 ft/lb of torque!

EDO GRB Dyno (PowerGraph)

Next on the list, Steven’s EVO 8, which had some prior camshaft, valve springs/retainers work done right before the tune!

Steven Kim Dyno 01

Steven Kim Dyno 02

With everything finalized and dialed in, numbers were: 288.2AWHP and 297 ft/lb of torque!

Steven Kim Dyno (PowerGraph)

Next on the list was Michael’s 07 STi!

Michael Lee Dyno 01

Michael Lee Dyno 03

They didn’t mind smiling for the camera!

Michael Lee Dyno 02

His final numbers: 293.9AWHP and 328.5 ft/lb torque!

Michael Lee Dyno (PowerGraph)

Day 4

We had a short day seeing as how Miguel had a flight to catch, and apparently the camera batteries were drained as the chargers weren’t brought in (woops?) so I don’t have any pictures. I do however, have the graph!

Alex Dyno (PowerGraph)

That concludes our lovely tuning event! I’d like to thank all the folks who showed up to make this event possible! It would have been nothing without you guys and gals!

Miguel is scheduled to return next month! June 19th-22nd! I am currently taking appointments!

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