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December 02, 2008


Edo Performance Skyline

Over the weekend, I have had a chance to tune our Nissan Skyline R33 GTST which was tuned by friend a few months ago. This stock RB25DET engine has been fitted with Greddy TD06-25G turbo kit.

Using our Dynpack, the car pulled 321WHP and 246 ft-lb at 17.5PSI . After tweaking the parameters on the AEM EMS, I got 341WHP and 260 ft-lb with about 17.5 PSI. Then, I adjust the Greddy wasgate setting and in the end, I managed to get 360WHP and 278 ft-lb.

Edo 1997 SKyline R33 GTST Dyno Graph

The car still ran a little rich. I went ahead to advance a little more timing and I finally got 380WHP and 290 ft-lb at 21.5 PSI. I felt so happy and forgot to save my file.

Oh well! Now I am thinking what I can do to bring the car to more horsepower! We might do the alcohol/water injection and HKS T04Z turbo.

Till then! I will posting a little more about tuning a EVO 9 with AEM EMS.

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