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April 07, 2009


Edo Performance Edo400 Project on 2008 Subaru STi

Birth of EDO400 project

EDO 400 was conceived the moment Edo performance purchased the newly released 2008 Subaru STi on January 2008. The team from Edo Performance quickly brainstormed the parts required in improving the power and torque of the new GRB chassis on a 91 octane gasoline.  EDO400 project took off when Edo performance secured parts from Blitz® and Tomei® Japan, we never look back since then.


In building a well balanced competitive car which majority of Subaru owners and enthusiasts alike can appreciate, Edo Performance’s EFI certified tuner, Mr. Edwin Tang, drew an upgrade blueprint together with the in-house ASETM certified technician, Robert Krencik, to unleash the inner power underneath the Subaru GRB chassis engine. Drivability, power, response and safety are among top factors in drawing the upgrade blueprints, additional factors such as affordability and longevity of the engine also played important themes in shaping EDO400 development. The tuner and chief technician implemented the upgrades in phases.

The first phase of the upgrade is replacing the stock exhaust system, air intake and radiator with Blitz® Quad Tip Nur Spec DT exhaust system, Air Intake and Radiator. The car was tuned using open source tuning software along with the upgrade. With reduction in back pressure in the exhaust system and colder air in to the engine, the power of the car immediately jumped to 293whp with 322 foot-pounds of torque. This upgrade was just barely starting.  

The second phase of the upgrade was upgrading the stock turbo and exhaust manifold with Tomei® ARMS M7760 turbo charger and Equal length exhaust manifold.  Installations of the turbo and header on the GRB chassis were a breeze, almost identical to the GDB predecessor. With this major upgrade, our tuner decided to rely on the professionally developed Cobb® Accessport tuning software in tuning the ECU. With cold air going through larger compressor wheel of the turbo and exhaust gas flowing in larger pipe merge-section (60mm) of the exhaust header that is designed for faster exit, the car registered 322.2 whp of power with 344 foot-pounds of torque.


The last phase of the development, not final in anyway, was aimed more as a foundation for future larger upgrades. The next upgrade was aimed for larger fuel delivery into the engine. The stock injectors were replaced with Denso® co-produced Power Enterprise® High Impedance 800cc injector. To reduce further restriction on the exhaust gas flow, stock down pipe was replaced with Cobb® downpipe.  Final tune was completed using Cobb® accessport. The results on the last leg of the EDO400 development was concluded with a surprising 372.9 foot-pounds of torque and power pushing towards 343 whp, all the while running on 91 octane gasoline.

Future development of EDO400

Bright future awaits EDO400 project. In the pipeline is the methanol-injection system installation. While the car is not meant for any time-attack event, EDO400 can be a daily drive car which is the central theme of EDO400. It is a fun daily driving car with some kicks and lots of boost if necessary for Subaru owners and enthusiasts.  What’s exciting is that every aspect of the EDO400 can be applied to other GR-chassis Subaru STi. 

Feel free to contact us for the power graphs in each stage of the development.  





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