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February 14, 2011


Acura RSX Turbo Build by EDO Performance


HUNTINGTON BEACH, California (Febuary 14, 2011) – EDO Performance recently took on a special Acura RSX turbo build.  We were initially contact by an RSX enthusiast who wanted a Full Race turbo.  The RSX was completely stock and non-turbo, to be built from the ground up.  We discussed a power package starting with a stage 2 turbo kit from Full Race Motorsports.  As with any turbo build there are several factors to consider: can the engine handle the power of the turbo, how will a certain exhaust work with a turbo setup, do I have enough power to juice my ride?

We arranged for the RSX to be dropped off at EDO Performance once all the necessary parts for the build arrived.  For a non-turbo engine to become a turbo engine, we first had to prep and build the engine from high compression to low compression.  After the engine was ready we installed a Full Race stage 2 “K Series Turbo Kit” with the Garrett GT3076R. For those who don’t know the Garrett GT3076R, it takes a lot of custom work to get it fitted properly. The M7 Super Power Flow Filter was installed to protect the Garrett turbo from air particulates.  The Full Race Vacuum/Boost Block was installed to distribute between the fuel pressure regulator, boost gauge, waste gate, blow off valve, and boost controller.  We also rerouted the oil lines and power steering lines.

An Acura TSX 6th gear was added to the transmission.  A Quaife LSD was installed to hand the power distribution to the wheels. The Thermal Turbo cat back exhaust was custom fabricated in-house with a 3 inch section to fit the Full Race downpipe.  The rear bumper was cut to perfectly fit the exhaust. We customized a bracket and utilized the Walbro high performance fuel pump, which can support up to 500hp (at the crank).  To power the RSX a lightweight performance TR Battery with the TR Battery adjustable tie down was installed.

The M7 Super Cooling Oil Catch Tank was installed to collect oil, moisture, blow-by gas and also to work with the custom breather.  Using the M7 oil catch tank will prevent carbon and sludge build-up in the intake system and engine.  To handle the higher horsepower we used M7 Super Gear Oil 75W90 in the transmission and M7 Super Street GT Engine Oil 10W40 in the engine.  AutoMeter gauges were installed to meter the boost and oil pressure.

Here at EDO Performance we built this RSX the ground up, from completely stock to almost track ready.  We knew there was a long road ahead of us and our client had high expectations of what was proposed.  Pulling a modest 363hp (at the wheels) we have another satisfied performance vehicle enthusiast at EDO Performance!

Pictures –

DSC_7880 DSC_7883 DSC_7884 DSC_7886

A Modest 363HP (at wheels)

A Modest 363HP (at wheels)

Videos –

Acura RSX turbo build – Engine bay tour

Acura RSX turbo build – Turbo pull on dyno

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