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August 25, 2016


2015 Subaru WRX Turbo Upgrade

Seeking more power and have the need for speed? A turbo upgrade is just the way to achieve that!


Recently completed, this 2015 WRX was equipped with a whole new turbo setup. Tomioka Racing was the go to brand for the setup, including a GT29 Turbo, Catless J-Pipe, and Turbo Inlet Hose. Tomioka Racing’s GT29 turbo is a new product designed for more power with its billet compressor wheel that is 20% larger and wheel-blade that is 17% longer than on the factory turbocharger. This hybrid bolt-on Garrett® ball bearing upgraded turbocharger will be available for the 2015+ Subaru WRX. See the differences in the following images:

Also paired with the new turbocharger is the Tomioka Racing Catless J-Pipe and Turbo Inlet Hose. Available for the 2015+ Subaru WRX, Tomioka Racing J-Pipes are already available for purchase! These J-Pipes come in two different variants, the first being catless and the second being catted. With both being bolt-on solutions, going with either a catless or catted J-Pipe will work with the 2015+ WRX factory cat-back exhaust. Don’t be fooled by the catted J-Pipe as just like the catless, the stainless steel piping features 3” in diameter in order to improve exhaust flow.

Completing the connections between the intake and the turbo lays the Tomioka Racing Turbo Inlet Hose. Constructed of 5-ply silicone with steel wire reinforcement, the Tomioka Racing Turbo Inlet Hose is a larger diameter than the stock hose that also gets rid of any pleats. Without the restrictions, the hose allows for more airflow and an increase in acceleration and horsepower, and not to mention turbo spool time improvement. The inlet hose also comes with T-Bolt clamps for more reliable clamping force.

A comparison between our hoses and the oem.

All in all, this three part upgrade will deliver more power and response along with high reliability and durability. Although, this setup was installed on a WRX with a stock cat-back exhaust and an exhaust valve delete (thanks to a Torque Solution Exhaust Valve Delete Spacer), we are excited to see how much power is generated from the upgrade!

2 Responses

EDO Performance
EDO Performance

January 13, 2017

@GSE Yes, you can buy the turbo on its own!


September 15, 2016

can we just buy the turbo?

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