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October 20, 2008


Plastic Surgery…Sorta!

Hello Everyone:

Time for another installment in my so-called life.  Doing a little housecleaning these days…out with the old, in with the new.  This entry is a continuation from my last blog.  After going off track at Subiefest and flying Porsche parts at Auto Club Speedway, I had to make some changes to the front end…pretty much everything needed to be changed (hood, fenders, bumper, and sideskirts.) 

I dropped off the car to my preferred paint shop (Upland Ford Collision Center) as they have done great work for me in the past.  I was then off on my east coast road trip that my boss so kindly volunteered me to go.  Two weeks on the road without hotel rooms or showers can do a lot for a person…making new friends was not one of them!  One good thing, people give you lots of personal space so I was a happy camper!

Oh yeah, I had a point…after two weeks on the road, waiting for me all pretty, and clean, and new was Sancha parked just where I left her at the shop just waiting for me to pick her up!  For those that want to know why I call her “Sancha”, ask someone who knows spanish to expain it to you!

Sancha looks great…a little plastic surgery by the “doctor” Bill at Upland Ford was enough to bring a tear to my eye.  She was absolutely beautiful!  A new carbon fiber hood, painted on both sides with a carbon fiber stripe down the midel, carbon fiber fenders, and a shiny new Zerosports front bumper and sideskirts.  Wow, she is quite menacing now with plenty of wide open space for air to flow through to the brakes and intercooler. 







Well what’s next for Sancha?  Gotta get her a new dress of course!!!  This weekend we plan to re-wrap her with all new sponsor logos.  Possibly show her off this weekend at a local car show.  The big dance will be the first week of November where she will be featured at this year’s SEMA show in Las Vegas, NV. and Subie Invasion sponsored by EDO Performance.

Then we’re off to Buttonwillow Raceway where we compete in the Super Lap Battle Finals!  Come out and show your support…hope to see you there!!

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