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November 17, 2008


Super Lap Battle

Why hello everyone!

So I’m still getting used to the blog stuff and usually struggle to figure out what to talk about.  But after this week’s event at Super Lap Battle, I knew right away what I should be sharing.

As most of you already know, I’ve picked up EDO Performance as one of my major sponsors.  As the only U.S. distributors of Zerosports products, they naturally wanted me to run the Zerosports Big Brake Kit on my car.  Hesitant at first, but with a little arm twisting and coaxing, I agreed to run the kit on my car.  I’ve never been one to give credit to JDM goodness just for the sake of being JDM, so you could see how I struggled to justify this purchase.  This week was the Super Lap Battle Finals.  I thought to myself, what better place to do a little testing on my new brake set up!  Hitting the track for the first few laps was a little nerve racking.  Were they going to work?  Would they stop me in time?  Would they withstand the heat?  Could I go in deeper and brake later?  Well….Yes, Yes, Yes, and Oh hell YES!!!!

While flying down the front straight at full throttle coming into a short braking done before I’m back on the throttle and into turn one, only one word came to mind….DELIGHTFUL!!!!

I cannot stress to you how well these brakes worked.  I came into the braking zones waaaay later than usual and these things just laughed at me….haha, that all you got????  After my second session and we were rotating the tires, I thought for sure we should be bleeding the brakes, and what do you know…the fluid looked like it did when I poured it in the first time…Un-freakin-believable!!!!!

With the same power, tires, and only a different brake setup, I was able to shed a full second off my lap times at Buttonwillow raceway.  I’m looking forward to exploring the limits of these brakes as my lap times will only be improving.

Next up is power mods: bigger turbo, new pistons, cams, and other goodies…it’s good to know that I will be able to stop Sancha as she shoots even faster down the straights!!!

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