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January 17, 2011


New Zero/Sports Front Lower Control Arm Bushing

We would like to announce the all new Zero/Sports Bushing for Subaru Impreza and Legacy! After years of testing and research Zero/Sports Japan has come out with a handy quick and easy fix for one of the weakest point on the newer styles of Subaru. One of the weakest point on the Subaru is the front rear lower control arm bushing; due to the softness of bushing used by Subaru this is one of the fastest part of the Subaru to get worn out over time. A worn out bushing will cause extra vibration from the transmission and also change the geometry of the suspension causing unneeded chassis sway when corner.

Worn out factory bushing after 2 years.

The Zero/Sports bushing is made of harden rubber thus increasing the lifetime of the bushing. This bushing also help reduce vibrations from the  transmission and increases handling performance since the chassis sway will be minimized.

Parts Information:

ZS-1242003 (2 bushing per a part number)

MSRP: $120.00


Subaru Impreza: 2008+ STI GRB, 2011+ GVN STI, 2008+ WRX GH8/GE8
Subaru Legacy: 2003-2008 BL/BP5, 2009+ BR/BM9
Subaru Forester: 2009+ SH9

If you have any questions regarding this part please feel free to contact us thanks!

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