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April 19, 2011


Modified Magazine’s Peter Tarach 2008 WRX Sedan Project

This project car was a good display of our drive not to accept what is available on the market and create a unique experience for our customer. As many Subaru enthusiasts know the 2008+ WRX sedan hasn’t gotten much love from the aftermarket companies. One of the most costly upgrades for the WRX sedan is the dual muffler set up.

It is an expensive cat-back to replace with aftermarket unit because of the two mufflers and the amount of hardware involved. Not only do the replacement cat-backs cost a pretty penny they aren’t the best for flow because they need to split the exhaust gas flow and then add two mufflers for twice the restriction of flow.

Enter M7 Japan, an emerging performance company with a reputation for racing and for quality. They make many different cat-backs for everything from the Honda Fit all the way to the mighty Nissan GT-R. We have been lucky enough to have worked very closely with them on some USDM specific units such as the 2008+ WRX wagon cat-back and the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X cat-back exhaust here at EDO Performance. Now it was time for a new project, a single exit exhaust for Peter’s 2008 WRX sedan.


We started the project with an M7 08’+ wagon exhaust knowing that the mid pipe was the same design as the sedan but that the axle back would have to be all custom. We bolted up the mid pipe and got to work. I took about 4 hours of cutting and welding before we had a finished product that represented the M7 Japan name with the respect it deserved.



The finished cat-back looks and sounds amazing not to mention it saves about 30lbs over the SPT cat-back we removed. We’re looking forward to dyno’ing the car to see actual hp gains. Click the link for exhaust sound,


Next on our list for Peter’s car was the Tomioka Racing Air Oil Separator. Subaru EJ series engines are known for crankcase oil vapor issues, the TR AOS solves these issues by giving the hot oil vapor somewhere to condense and then drain back into the engine through the factory oil filler tube. The install is fairly easy just add a hose here and there then route to the AOS and all done! The reduction in oil found in the intercooler and inlet tube is physically noticeable. It is amazing such a simple mod can improve gas mileage and help prevent detonation.


We finished the car and sent it back to its owner with great praise from him for a clean install and great products!

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