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January 18, 2012


Tomioka Racing vs Perrin Performance Equal Length Header

Tomioka Racing vs. Perrin Equal Length Headers

We have been asked the differences between Tomioka Racing and Perrin equal length headers.   So here you go!

The Perrin EQL has an inlet of 35mm vs. Tomioka’s 40mm.  The outlet on the Perrin EQL is 51mm vs. Tomioka’s 56mm.  The Perrrin’s smaller size yields less power gain.

The pictures will allow you to see the differences in welding, port and finish work.  Tomioka racing also includes an extra bolt on the up pipe vs. Perrin’s two bolt.  This lessens the chance of an exhaust leak.

Tomioka Racing – MSRP: $720 This INCLUDES header wrap AND an up pipe.

Perrin – MSRP: $899.99. Just includes the header.

It should be pretty easy to see which one is the better option.

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