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July 19, 2013


Evans Coolant “new project”

Check it out everybody! Evans Coolant Experiment. How many of you are obsessed with Evans Coolant and how its waterless coolants solve heating problems, reduce maintenance costs, and can reduce fuel consumption! And of course let’s not forget how it improves all our vehicles in just the right way! Well a few weeks ago some of our staff were able to meet with the engineer from Evans and they went over the coolant change for a Nabi bus. Here’s the issue, Nabi bus has problem with the EGR valve cracking under heat due to the poor design of the cooling system. Most of those who were present at the meeting believe the Evans heavy duty coolant has a superior cooling effect on the bus and will help alleviate and reduce the failure rate on these buses. Those who were present took turns draining the coolant and located all the coolant lines and purged all the lines to ensure there was no water in the system. The bus consumed 21 gallons of coolant to fill over the course of the day. Being the fact that Evans coolants helps the environment by reducing emissions and eliminating the need for disposal, a popular “public transportation station” here in the U.S finds as if this particular project will end up a success. What do you all think? Check out a few of these Evans Coolant men in action.

photo 4photo 2photo 1

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