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February 07, 2015


Porsche 997T: STAGE2


STAGE 2 of our build process there really isn’t much to report on as we are taking a break to have a track day at Willow Springs International Raceway with our customers and to test out some coilovers Tomioka Racing designed for our C63 AMG. So why not hit 2 birds with 1 stone have a fun day with our customers and do some R&D.

We put the 997 on the lift once again and removed the exhaust, our main goal here was to swap out the stock coil packs for a new set from Ignition Project and change to new spark plugs. While the exhaust was off the car we decided the oem exhaust tips needed to be cleaned up and polished using collinite wax products. Also I noticed the Ti Catback had an amazing burn effect on it. Titanium products sure look stunning.


To make big power we need a bigger turbo. Although a larger turbo isn’t out of the picture, but this is a street car. We bought a pair of used 997 Turbos and sent them over to Tomioka Racing to port, polish and change the inlet wheels. The inducer on the stock turbos had 6 full blades and 6 half blades pretty standard configuration. Tomioka Racing swapped the inlet wheel to an 11-blade configuration.

Side by Side Comparison:



Size comparison:

Stock Inducer wheel: 43.86


Tomioka Inducer wheel: 46.97


Stock blades: 6 full / 6 half

Tomioka Blades: 11 Full

Stock Exducer: 45.46


Tomioka exducer: 45.46


With these specs the car should be able to achieve our goals of 750+whp street car on E85. I’ll have more detail on the modified turbos once we get the car back on the dyno.

Early on in the write up I said we put the car back on the lift and removed the exhaust, the main reason for that was we wanted to change the spark plugs and coil packs. We removed the old copper spark plugs and replaced them with NGK Iridium. Mainly we are a Subaru shop, we then found out we can use spark plugs we normally use on WRXs. With that said we went along and replaced the spark plugs gapped at .025 and removed the old OEM coil pack and replaced it with Ignition Projects coil packs. With the addition of the Ignition Project coil packs we should have no problems at all getting spark into the engine, especially at the power goals we want. The coil packs produce 4 times the spark energy over the OEM coil packs, has a very fast spark discharge of 10 sparks at the highest RPM. The amperage is increased 100% which generally increases the acceleration of ignition and combustion process.



You can purchase these parts and/or find more info at these links below:

Ignition Project Coil Packs

Collinite Wax

Tomioka Racing


Special thanks to our sponsors for supporting us:

AEM Electronics, Tomioka Racing, Ignition Project, Agency Power, Collinite Wax, LIQUI-MOLY, OS Giken

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