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February 09, 2015


C63 AMG TR-B1500 Lightweight battery

One of the most efficient and cost effective way is stripping the interior of your car down to the bare metal. Well in most cases many people would like to keep their interior but somehow drop a few pounds here and there. So how does one drop a couple pounds off their car without ripping everything out? We decided to replace the OEM battery that came with the car and opted for the Tomioka Racing B1700 Lightweight battery. By switching to a smaller and lighter battery, you will be able to shave at least 30lbs. With the addition of a lighter battery you also modify the weight distribution as well.  In this car in particular the weight distribution doesn’t change too much due to the V8 engine in the front, so the car is still front heavy I would estimate around a 55/45 weight distribution.  Installation of the Tomioka Racing Lightweight battery was pretty simple overall; it was just swapping out the old mounting tray for a mini battery tray that Tomioka Racing also sells, and then just dropping in the new battery. The reason you have to use a mini battery tray is so the battery has a tight fit and doesn’t move around. That would be more noticeable in the larger battery tray and would not pass inspection at any track events. Overall the installation of the mini battery took under 1hour and daily driving capabilities has not changed at all.

*note, the C63 AMG had a large battery for a reason,  there are a few components in the car that keep the car “awake” so sometimes the battery would be drained.

Battery Specs:

TR-B1500 Lightweight battery
Weight: 17 lbs / 7.7 Kg
Product Dimension: 6.9 inches / 175.5mm x 4 inches / 101.6mm x 6.2 inches / 157.5mm
Voltage: 12
Full Charge Voltage: 13.8
CCA: 500
Capacity: 19 Amps/Hour @ 10 AH Rating

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