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February 12, 2015


2009 STI coilover and stage 2!

Today we have a 2009 WRX STI Hatchback on the lifts getting some modifications done. These modifications include M7 Japan coilovers and a new clutch! With the new addition of coilovers the car should sit nice and low, but can still be driven on the street. The M7 Japan coilovers provide just enough comfort and performance to put a smile on the owners face when taking those turns at the track of just going on a Sunday cruise up a canyon.  You can extract more performance out of these coilovers if you take your car to be corner balanced and get the alignment dialed in.

Plus we will be installing a Stage 2 package as well; this includes downpipe, cat-back exhaust, intake, and cobb access port. This should net the STI to obtain 290whp 320wtq respectively. Combined with the coilovers and new clutch this 09 STI will be a fun daily and put many smiles on your face. 12801_10153132666591473_7808519948679706298_n 10013322_10153132666526473_5764947809237824551_n

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