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February 27, 2015


stage 2 done! kind of.

The 997 is almost complete, we have named this package the “EDO1300”. I’m sure the name gives it away, but 1000hp wasn’t our only goal for this car. So with the installation of the Tomioka Racing upgraded OEM 997 Turbos.. and Installation of the AMS Alpha intercooler kit w/ Y pipe… The car is near completion. The only things left to install are the Agencypower short shifter and the Agencypower Throttle body plenum.

The AMS intercoolers are huge and when I say huge I mean it. 2 OEM Intercoolers stacked on top of each other basically makes up the AMS Intercooler. The best thing about this kit is that it doesn’t use plastic end tanks like the OEM ones do. The fitment was almost perfect, but it’s not we had to dremel one a tab off in half, enlarge the intercooler hole on the chassis, but that’s about it! You’ll see in the pictures included on what I mean.

Now essentially this car could have been finished on Thursday, but some of the parts didn’t fit. Which was the Agencypower throttle body; we don’t know why it doesn’t fit so we are just going to roll with a OEM one for now while we figure this out.  Hopefully with the install of the short shifter and I hope that at least fits, the shifting feel would be much better than the OEM throw. For anyone that doesn’t have a short shifter I highly suggest one cause it changes the driving feel of a car so much.

With these the 2 main components installed the AMS Intercooler and TR turbos complete the stage 2 package of our 997 Project. Look to see this package offered on the market soon after some testing, Happy Friday everyone!

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