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March 10, 2015


New goodies for the 997 :D

Check out our new carbon fiber lip we got for the 997 and this sick roll bar. I really like the finish on it, I can’t really tell you what color it is but its a nice gunmetal. I’m really liking it so far, but it also should be one interesting install. Yes, it is a bolt in roll bar, but It’s mainly for running a harness for when we are tracking the car. Eventually we will switch up to a full welded in cage as for now this will do, maybe we will look into bucket seats in the future as well as far as safety goes.

While we’re on the subject of roll cages / roll bars it’s one of those items where you DO NOT want to cheap out on especially with roll cages. In my personal opinion bolt in roll bars are OKAY, since it’s really there to just provide a location for harnesses and/or roll over protection from the roof collapsing. Bolt in roll cages on the other hand are a HUGE no for me. The mounting points are extremely weak and do not hold up to well under extreme pressure… there has been reports for bolt in cages penetrating through the undercarriage of the car from the mounting points. When you weld those areas you are re-reinforcing the base + sometimes you add a plate for extra strength as well. So don’t skimp on safety when it come down to racing your car.

There are the few who buy bolt in cages for aesthetics, but also remember roll cages are more dangerous to you for street driving It’s a giant WHAT IF, but it’s there. anyways just take a deeper look into what you need and what you don’t need. in many cases if you want a harness go with a half cage, a roll bar, harness bar, they all provide a nice aesthetics look with out causing the head ache of install and safety issues.

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