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October 17, 2015


2007 Porsche 997TT: What is happening behind the front bumper ?

One of the most overlooked essential cleaning on the Porsche 997 is the air duct going to the condenser and cooler core behind the front bumper. This time we are going to take a look at how bad the air duct is clogged from driving and parking your car over time if you don’t check on it.

So the car is a 2007 997 Twin Turbo Porsche and we have plans for the car to achieve 1300HP. We are at about 700HP at the moment, so we are getting there. As you can see from the picture below, the car has a pretty clean exterior and you’d think that behind that seemingly well kept front bumper, one would expect fairly neat cooler cores that are behind the front bumper.









Surprise, surprise, we found a clogged up condenser cores. Combination of dried leaves, dust and moisture made all the leaves stuck on the surface of the cooler cores.









These are bad and it can affect overheating on the radiator and for sure the air-conditioning will not run as efficient as it needs to be. We had to use blower to remove all stuck leaves on the cores’ surfaces and behind the interior of the front bumper. Look at how much waste we collected.







After all the clean-up, the coolers look in much better shape.

20151017_122943 20151017_122928







Remember to check to see what’s going on behind that Porsche’s front bumper. It’s not as clean as you think.



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