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Zymol Auto Wash 20 fl oz



Zymol Auto Wash is the hard working car wash designed to extract heavy dirt, oils and insect while protecting your finish.
A combination of pure Coconut Bark Soap and natural oils lift dirt so it washes away. Its pH balanced natural formula, without harsh soaps, enhances shine.
It is Safe for all finishes.

1. Accurately fill wash bucket, using 1 capful of Zymol Auto Wash per gallon of cool water
2. Before applying wash, thoroughly rinse car, removing any loose dirt
3. Wash small sections at a time and rinse frequently
4. For best results wash with large terry towel starting with the roof, then the trunk lid and hood, working your way down the car
5. Second towel should be used for fenders, lower door panels and grille
6. Give entire car a final rinse
7. Chamois and / or dry towel.

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