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🏁 Race to EDO Performance to supercharge your savings on high-performance auto parts, fluids, and accessories! 🚗💨

WORKS FR-S/BRZ Stage 1 "Simple" Turbo Kit - Calibrated Kit/CARB Compliant

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After two years of engineering development and testing, WORKS is proud to introduce their innovative Stage 1 "Simple" Turbo Kit for the FR-S/BRZ.

The sophistication and elegance of our kit is found in its simplicity. Through the use of custom thermal coated up and down pipes, custom intake piping including a finned aluminum air-to-air heat exchanger, OEM style diverter valve, centered around a genuine Garrett GT28 journal bearing turbo, you will reap the benefits of efficient turbo-charged power while still retaining your OEM air box, OEM exhaust manifold headers and OEM secondary catalytic converter (front pipe). Containing all necessary equipment for added oil and coolant routing, as well as heat shielding and specialty hardware, it is truly a bolt-on and OE quality upgrade, requiring no cutting, fabrication, or internal engine modification.

Our team of three engineers spent hundreds of hours in design, development and testing on the track and street to ensure you have a simple, reliable and track worthy turbo kit to enhance the driving experience of your FR-S/BRZ.

Simply put, this is the easiest to install, most cost effective and least intrusive turbo system on the market.

We encourage the use of a high-flow air filter like the WORKS High-Flow Drop-In Air Filter with our kit. For track use, an oil cooler, like the WORKS Oil Regulator/Cooler Kit ($50 discount when added as an option), and stiffer motor mounts are highly recommended.

Notable features: 
  • 50-state smog legal under CARB Executive Order D-748
  • Very simple installation in less than one day
    • Bumper and oil pan removal not necessary
  • Genuine Garrett GT28 journal bearing, water-cooled turbocharger mounted rearward to maintain chassis balance and handling
  • Internal and external ceramic coated up and downpipe
  • Short length intake piping and efficient intercooler core minimize pressure loss/drop and maximize boost response
  • Proper heat protection (battery heatshield, heat wrap for wiring)
  • Retains the factory air box, exhaust manifold and front pipe and thus both catalytic converters
    • Only removes 1 factory exhaust component (over pipe)
    • Does not remove or compromise the factory emissions components
  • Looks stock like OEM ~7 psi peak boost Gains of ~70 hp, ~50 ft-lbs crank on 91 octane (R+M)/2 gasoline on a relatively stock vehicle
    • ~35% power increase over stock using higher octane fuel can net greater power gains
  • Includes all metric hardware OEM/factory appearance

Please view our installation instructions to further grasp how simple and minimally intrusive this system is: Installation Instructions PDF.

An ECU calibration is provided which is required for CARB compliance.

This kit is not compatible with right-hand drive vehicles at this time. Please see our installation instructions for a more comprehensive list of vehicle equipment prerequisites.

Please indicate which color WORKS Turnk Badge (Black or Silver) you would like included with your order.


Does this kit have CARB exemption?
Yes, this turbo kit is 50-state smog legal under CARB Executive Order D-748 and applies to model years 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Does the kit come with an ECU calibration?
Yes, an ECU calibration is provided which is required for CARB compliance.

How long does it take to install the kit?
It depends on mechanical aptitude, but typical installation time is around 8 hours or a full day.

Does installing the kit require any cutting, fabrication or wire harness extensions?
No. We designed the kit to be as least invasive as possible meaning that we strive to retain as much of the original OEM configuration as possible. Therefore there is no cutting or fabrication required. You may have to bend a tab or two but that's about it. It's a complete bolt-on system that is fully reversible.

Will the kit work with aftermarket strut tower braces?
Yes. Installation of the kit requires removal of the right strut brace but we haven't seen any issues on-track with this and a proper strut brace can still be installed. We designed the kit in conjunction with a majority of the strut tower braces on the market including the Whiteline KSB652. We are also planning on releasing a replacement right strut brace to work with all of our turbo kits.

Do I need to remove the front bumper for installation?
The front bumper does not need to be removed for the Stage 1 kit but will require removal with our Stage 2+ kits.

How does this kit retain the factory exhaust manifold / headers?
Our kit only replaces the over pipe from the exhaust system leaving the rest untouched.

How do the battery and ECU housing handle the added heat from the turbocharger?
The exhaust piping included in our kit is ceramic coated which cuts down on radiant engine bay heat significantly. We run a battery heatshield (included in the kit) and have monitored battery surface temperatures after track sessions and have found them to be a non-issue when using the heatshield. We did see some slight heat effects on the thin plastic battery tray after extended track sessions so we redesigned our heatshield to cover the tray as well. The injector ECU showed no heat effect. We provide thermal wrap in our kit to protect all wiring in the area of the turbo.

How much gain should I expect?
Each vehicle is different but typically you should expect ~70+HP and ~50+ft-lb. of torque at the flywheel. Roughly a 35% gain over stock that you will feel immediately. Most people have commented that this is how the car should have come from the factory and this is what they were looking for.

How is the drivability?
It has very smooth factory like drivability with a much stronger feel. Like it should have come from the factory.

Are there any issues with reliability?
Our first development kit has been street drivendaily for about a year and a half (~30k miles) with no reported issues.

Our second development kit installed on our own BRZ had 3 drivers do back-to-back track days at Laguna Seca where we were data logging every run with two laptops and every time we came back to the pits, we used our IR temp gun to record all the turbo parts and surrounding components. We even had temperature indication paint on the all parts of the turbo kit and the surrounding areas. We have internally and externally thermal coated the up and down pipes and properly shielded wiring. 

We are also keeping the air-fuel ratios on the rich side to keep exhaust gas temperatures down. That being said, if you will be driving your car on the track, at the autocross, etc., we certainly recommend an oil cooler kit (like our 
WORKS Oil Regulator/Cooler Kit [$50 discount when added as an option]) to reduce the peak temperatures prevalent in the FA20.

How much boost should I expect?
Because of the high compression ratio, we have set the boost to operate at a safe .5 Bar or ~7 psi.

Have you experienced boost creep with your kit?
We have not experienced any boost creep with our kit and have tested up to 9.0 psi.

Do I need to upgrade the fuel system?
The factory fuel system is adequate for 91 and higher octane (R+M)/2 gasoline.

Will the kit void my warranty?
In many cases the turbo kit could affect your dealer warranty for the motor which is no surprise. However it should not affect the warranty of other components due to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. Consult your local dealer for specific questions.

Is there a warranty from WORKS?
There is a 12k mile, 12 month warranty against defects in parts. Warranty for the labor installation depends on the work performed by the installer or an Authorized WORKS Dealer.

"I like the kit a lot. A lot simpler than the other kits we've done."
"We gotta admit for the price of this setup these are fantastic gains and exceeded our expectations."

- Motiva Performance, Albuquerque, New Mexico

"To be frank we really thought quite seriously about making a system that is very similar to this--but just haven't had the time. I'm actually glad [WORKS] is making it because it does have a place on a Subaru/Boxer layout and just needs to be executed correctly and hit the right price point. In that respect I think it is a winner. Is it a 300+ whp out of the box system? No. But it isn't 5-6k either. For someone using stock fueling and a stock clutch this works quite well. Then when there's enough cash for the other stuff, simply add a boost controller or EBCS and you can go over 300whp."

-Moto East, Easton, Pennsylvania

Technical Specs

  • ~7psi boost
  • ~70HP, ~50ft./lbs. gain at the flywheel on 91 octane


  • LHD 2013-2016 Scion FR-S all models
  • LHD 2013-2016 Subaru BRZ all models