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TR TD06-20G Twin Scroll Turbo Kit for Subaru Impreza WRX 08-011

Tomioka Racing


Tomioka Racing Twin Scroll Turbo line is catered to the die-hard Subaru fans! The twin scroll turbo is an efficient and economical way to replace or upgrade your current twin scroll set up on your Subaru. Twin Scroll Turbo are increasingly hard to find these days, with the Tomioka Turbo they are direct bolt-on, featuring USDM length twin scroll down pipe and also boast more boost power than the standard VF series turbo. With TD06 housing and twin scroll set up, Tomioka Turbo improves spool time compared to the standard TD05 turbo!

Applications: Subaru Impreza WRX 2008-2011, Subaru Legacy GT 2005+

Kit Contents:
Twin Scroll Turbo
Twin Scroll Exhaust Manifold
Twin Scroll USDM Downpipe
Twin Scroll 3-Bolt Upipe
Twin Scroll Bracket

Compressor Inlet 52mm
Compressor Outlet 68mm
Turbine Inlet Diameter 58mm
Turbine Outlet Diameter 67mm
Air Flow Rate 640cfm

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