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TR Limited Slip Differential(Gear Type)for Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S

Tomioka Racing


Increase your RWD handling with the Tomioka Racing LSD! Tomioka Racing LSD is designed to increase the traction of your vehicle through the turns and twists of the circuit by balancing the power applied to the rear axle to prevent over-steer. The LSD design is made to last with forged and Cryo-tempered construction and to withstand shock loads on competition level. Great applications for both street or track performance with its ease of use. The internal side gears and pinion gears used are precision forged components that enable compact yet durable gears to cope with high horsepower applications. Unlike plate type LSD, Tomioka Racing LSD eliminates rebuilds and special fluids required for maintenance. It is one of the best return if you want to experience the increase in torque.


Forged & Cryo Tempered

Gear Type Limited Slip Differential

Kit Contents

Rear Limited Slip Differential

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