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Tomioka Racing Carbon Fiber Hood Damper Scion TC 2005-2010

Tomioka Racing



Tomioka Racing carbon fiber hood damper adds the much needed space

when you work on the engine without the factory hood stand getting in

the way. Tomioka Racing carbon fiber hood damper opens the hood to

almost 90 degrees. The pressurized carbon fiber gas canister ensures

smooth hood opening and closing without having to use too much force on

your end. The hood damper is designed for OEM hood specification making

it hassle free to install. All hood dampers include the installation

hardware. Tomioka Racing carbon fiber hood damper adds the luxury look

and smooth operations to the hood opening & closing.


  • Carbon Fiber Canister
  • Heavy Duty Ball Joint & Mount
  • Almost 90 degree Hood Opening
  • All hardware Included

Kit Contents

Carbon Fiber Damper x2


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