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Tomioka Racing Aluminum Battery Mounting Kit

Tomioka Racing


Tomioka Racing Battery Mounting Kit is a quick and easy way to mount your light-weight battery! The TR mounting kit is made of 6000 series black anodized aluminum, making it a strong, light weight, and corrosion resistant mount. Each kit comes with all the hardware you need for a quick and easy installation. The only thing you need is a nice flat surface where the self taping screw can lock the base in!

Material: Aluminum 6000 Series
Color: Black

TR-B600 TR Battery 6 lbs
TR-B900 TR Battery 9 lbs
TR-B1100 TR Battery 11 lbs
TR-B1500 TR Battery 15 lbs

Top Plate x 1
Bottom Plate x 1
Mounting Poles x 8
Screws x 14
Washers x 8

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