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Superchips High Performance ECU Software for BMW F30 330e & 530e Hybrid



Your BMW 330e or 530e has massive potential for gaining power while still remaining efficient! Strong performance gains are achieved, 67bhp at 5989rpm and 94 ft-lbs at 2943rpm, transforming the vehicles standard output, which measures north of BMW's quoted figures, enabling us to achieve peak performance of 354bhp!

Immediate Benefits:

- INSTALLATION IS FREE! Simply bring your car in to have it remapped! All programming takes place without having to even open the hood!
- Increased performance with an OEM feel.
- Ability to upload stock or updated maps via OBDII.
- Full phone/email support.
- Will pass emissions regulations testing (subject to modifications).


Although the tune was designed around a completely stock system, it can be adapted to the modifications of the vehicle (i.e. intake, downpipe, etc.).

ECU Re-Maps are available for most makes and models. Not sure if your car has a remap? Visit to see if your vehicle has a tune ready! For more information or to answer any questions you may have, please call us at (800) 858-1659!

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