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Superchips High Performance ECU Software for BMW F3X 3 & 4 Series



Every 3-Series needs just a little more spunk! Crank up the boost and dominate the road with a Superchips ECU Re-map!

Immediate Benefits:

- INSTALLATION IS FREE! Simply bring your car in to have it remapped! All programming takes place without having to even open the hood!
- Increased performance with an OEM feel.
- Ability to upload stock or updated maps via OBDII.
- Full phone/email support.
- Will pass emissions regulations testing (subject to modifications).
  • Power increase of ~81 bhp and ~55 ft/lbs of torque over stock performance for the F30/F31 320i.
  • Power increase of ~50 bhp and ~62 ft/lbs of torque over stock performance for the F30/F31/F34 328i & F32/F33/F36 428i.
  • Power increase of ~55 bhp and ~94 ft/lbs of torque over stock performance for the F30/F31 335i & F32/F33/F36 435i.

Power delivery comes from optimization of the boost pressure within the effective range of the factory turbos. Providing for the most reliable and consistent power, a Superchips re-flash will make the car extremely responsive. Turbo lag is reduced through various adjustments, also giving the car a heavy hitting feel when mashing the pedal. 91-93 premium pump gas is all that is necessary! Through careful remapping of  the factory BMW DME tables, various elements such as ignition timing, fuel delivery, and part throttles are reworked to create performance gains. The Superchips upgraded software is designed to operate with gasoline that has an average octane rating with full emissions to create a clean burning combustion with good AFR’s all within factory specifications. Guaranteed to be safe for the engine, this "Stage 1" flash optimizes the car in way that can provide power on demand but within a reasonable range. Although it's tough, if you can keep your driving to an efficient level you'll certainly see in increase in gas mileage as well.

Although the tune was designed around a completely stock system, it can be adapted to the modifications of the vehicle (i.e. intake, downpipe, etc.).

ECU Re-Maps are available for most makes and models. Not sure if your car has a remap? Visit to see if your vehicle has a tune ready! For more information or to answer any questions you may have, please call us at (800) 858-1659!

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