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Superchips High Performance ECU Software for Audi TT III RS 2.5 TFSI 2016+



Immediate Benefits:

- Ability to send in your ECU or bring in the car to have the flash procedure done!
- Increased performance with an OEM feel.
- Removal of speed limiter (for motorsport applications)
- Ability to upload stock or updated maps via OBDII.
- Full phone/email support.

The 2016+ Audi TT RS is a beast from the factory, but there is much more throttle accuracy and power that can be gained from the 2.5 L TFSI engine. Bring your car to a new level with a Superchips High Performance ECU Software! After some time many TT RS drivers find themselves wanting more power from the car. With Superchips ECU Software, there won't just be a power increase of ~49 bhp and ~86 ft/lbs of torque, but also engine and transmission optimization. This Performance ECU Software will render better gas mileage as well as more power and higher performance when demand! Performance will be increased but with an OEM feel.

Optimizing boost pressure within the effective range of the factory turbos is what provides for the most reliable and consistent power, also making the car extremely responsive to throttle position. Shifting time and synchronization on automatic vehicles will be greatly increased, advancing shifting when in sport or semi-manual modes. Superchips remaps are developed over many hours of R&D on our 4x4 dyno and, more importantly, during countless hours of road driving. We have created a powerful, driveable and, most of all, reliable conversion for your vehicle.

ECU Re-Maps are available for most makes and models. Not sure if your car has a remap? Visit to see if your vehicle has a tune ready! For more information or to answer any questions you may have, please call us at (800) 858-1659!

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