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Superchips Bluefin Plug N Go Tuner BF06-VAGH-T-NBSC



Bluefin Plug N Go Tuner by Superchips Ltd.

Bring your car alive and maximize the performance of your vehicle. No mechanical or technical skills required. Just simply plug-in and go. With more than 500,000 cars having benefited from Superchips enhancements, we have over thirty years' experience in improving vehicle performance.

For more information regarding what Bluefin model to purchase for your vehicle, contact us at (800) 858-1659 or!

Why does my car need Bluefin?

In today's market with soaring fuel prices, a Superchips remap means IMPROVED FUEL ECONOMY as well as improved performance - saving you money in the long run. You don't put limits on your life, so why have them on your car?

Every Bluefin optimization delivers:

  • an engine that responds more eagerly to your right foot
  • smoother power delivery making town driving much easier with fewer gear changes
  • improved acceleration for safer overtaking

For non-turbo petrol cars

  • up to 10% more power
  • enhanced throttle response

For turbocharged petrol cars

  • up to 20% more power
  • up to 25% more midrange torque

Superchips carefully matches increases in turbo boost pressure with the remapped ignition timing and fuelling. It doesn't affect reliability or the life of the engine. We know - we have over thirty years' experience of enhancing the performance of turbocharged engines.

For turbocharged diesel cars

  • up to 30% more torque and more power
  • fuel economy improvements

Here too, we deliver a smoother, enhanced drive by ensuring our remap matches the fuelling to the increases in boost pressure.

Buy with confidence

Bluefin is designed by Superchips Ltd. - the UK market leader in engine performance improvement. You can be confident that bluefin will dramatically improve your vehicle's performance with the reassurance of:

  • Supplementary warranty for complete peace of mind
  • 14-day refund (Your statutory rights are not affected)
  • Lifetime guarantee (In the unlikely event of product failure we will replace your bluefin)
  • Comprehensive insurance cover options


Audi A4 2.0 TDI CR (150PS) MK5 B9 4 1968 Aug-15
Audi A4 2.0 TDI CR (190PS) MK5 B9 4 1968 May-15

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