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STI V-Limited Front Lip (ABS) - 06+ WRX/STI



Give your car that extra bit of JDM styling youre looking for while adding performance at the same time! Constructed of 100% ABS plastic (the same material as your factory bumper), the V-Limited Lip is securely attached underneath the front bumper by a series of small bolts. This is one of very few front lips available on the market that actually has a performance aspect too it. The design of the lip allows for an increase in front down force, improving your cars handling at higher speeds. Dont be fooled by imitations lips that are made of a hybrid material or fiberglass. These replica lips are flimsy and very prone to breakage. Treat yourself to the real thing and order your V-Limited Lip today! Dont forget to protect your new V-Limited Lip with a rubber lip protector.

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