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STi Spec-C 12L Intercooler Water Tank



The STi Spec-C Intercooler Water Tank is a genuine Subaru part that came on the JDM STi Spec-C Impreza. This tank is a direct replacement for the USDM STi sprayer tank and includes the mounting brackets to attach it. The tank will hook right in, using all your existing hoses and switches.

For the more advanced user, this tank can be used to install an intercooler sprayer system on a WRX. The pump is integrated inside the tank, so all you need is to run hose and wire a switch. The tank mounts in the trunk, on the backside of the rear seats and will bolt right into the existing frame. With a capacity of 12 liters (3.2 gallons), this tank will allow you to increase your sprayers capacity, and add some JDM styling to your car at the same time!

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