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Fall Sale Alert: Upgrade Your Ride and Save Big! Shop the hottest deals at EDO Performance now!
Fall Sale Alert: Upgrade Your Ride and Save Big! Shop the hottest deals at EDO Performance now!

SSP GR6 R35 Front Mount Transmission Cooler

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$ 2,886.35
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$ 2,886.35
SSP has tirelessly worked to create a wide array of components for the GR6 transmission in order to increase its ability to support high horsepower applications. SSP has experience with high horsepower AWD cars and knows that heat is a huge barrier to the durability of these complex transmissions.

During 14 months of testing and development, we came up with a 3 part system to lower transmission temperatures. This will allow GTR owners to enjoy their cars on the track while keeping the transmission fluid at a manageable temperature. During extensive testing we saw an average of 220-225F degrees after 10 hot laps in 85F+ temps. Our track of choice for this extensive testing was Fontana Raceway in California.

If you are tired of GR6 transmission coolers not performing as promised, step up to the new SSP Trans Cooler. SSP offers a full 1 year warranty on all components. This is the only proven GR6 cooler to keep the temps out of the RED and not trigger the dreaded slow down messages. This comprehensive cooling solution includes everything needed for quick install. We have used the highest quality materials to ensure durability and performance on and off the track.


• SSP CNC Billet 6061 Deep Transmission Pan
• Setrab Dual Passage Cooling Core
• Spal Twin Fans Pack with Shrouds
• Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket
• Stealth Black 2.5 GPM Gear Driven Oil Pump
• Heavy Duty 30 AMP Switch
• Includes All Mounting Hardware and Installation Instruction
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