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SSP DQ250 DSG Titan Series Stage 2 Track Package

SSP Performance


DQ250 DSG Titan Series Stage 1 Track Package

Your looking at the most high performance transmission cooling package on the market for the DQ250. This package was designed by racers, for racers. This is the first and last transmission cooler you will have to purchase for your VW/Audi. We guarantee that this cooling package will keep you out of red, while not having to spend a lot of green.

New Updates to this product:

New 3.0 gpm Stealth Black Pump
New Pre-made Hoses

Everything you need to go racing is included and is guaranteed to keep your transmission cooler than any other on the market.
This is a complete bolt-on package, which includes the following components:

1) Setrab cooler and Spal/ shroud fan assembly
1) SSP High capacity oil pump assembly
2) 22mm to -8AN male fittings
2) 22mm x 1.5 banjo bolts
4) ORB washers
3) Pre-made -8AN with AN swivel fittings
2) Pump with -8AN fittings installed
1) Power wire/fuse holder
1) 30 amp fuse
8) 6mm x 1.25 x20mm bolts
4) 6mm x 1.25 x 25mm
12) 6mm x 1.25 locking nuts
5) Self-tapping pump mounting screws
12) Zip ties
1) Aluminum Cooler Bracket
1) Stainless Steel Pump Bracket
1) OEM Pan with ORB washers -8AN Fittings
8)Liters SSP Pro Gold Heavy Duty Synthetic Transmission Fluid

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