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Fall Sale Alert: Upgrade Your Ride and Save Big! Shop the hottest deals at EDO Performance now!
Fall Sale Alert: Upgrade Your Ride and Save Big! Shop the hottest deals at EDO Performance now!

SSP BRZ/FRS High Output Torque Converter

Original price $ 1,558.10 - Original price $ 1,558.10
Original price
$ 1,558.10
$ 1,558.10 - $ 1,558.10
Current price
$ 1,558.10

SSP A960E Modified Torque Converter Stall is raised 500-700 RPM above factory specifications, thus helping to get the turbocharged BRZ/FRS's off the line quicker. The BRZ/FRS have a factory stall of 2540 +/- 150 rpm. A stall converter would benefit both a turbo or N/A car.

A torque converter is essentially the automatic transmission's equivalent to a clutch. It transfers power from the engine to the transmission. It acts as a fluid coupling connecting engine rotational power to the transmission’s input shaft.

    • It multiplies torque from the engine when additional performance is desired. A typical torque converter will have a torque multiplication ratio in the area of 2.5:1. The main point to remember is that all properly functioning torque converters do indeed multiply torque during initial acceleration.
    • The torque converter also serves another extremely important function in a car. The engine must be able to connect and disconnect from the differential, so the vehicle can stop moving while the engine is still running and the transmission is in gear. In the case of an automatic transmission, it is the torque converter that performs this connect/disconnect function and allows a car’s engine to idle while it’s in gear.

A core charge of 450.00 is included in the price of purchase. The 450.00 will be refunded to the customer when we receive the old core back from your vehicle. The customer is responsible for return shipping of the old core. Refunds will only be made towards the method of payment. Please include a copy of the receipt, your full contact information, and phone number.  NO EXCEPTIONS

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