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SSP BRZ A960E Stage 2 Valveboyd Upgrade

SSP Performance


The A960E Stage 2 Street/Track valve body is designed for everyday street driving and weekend trips to the drag strip.

Designed to pull heavily thru 1-6th gears at red line. This is a very significant upgrade to the performance and shifting of your A960E's transmission.

If you are sending us your core, please send it to our Minnesota facility. The customer will be responsible for all shipping charges. When packaging, please put the valve body in a oil proof container before putting it into a box. We can ship you a giant zip lock bag for shipment if needed.

*BRZ/FRS, Mazda SJ6A-EL, Aisin TB-65SN*

*A core charge of 500.00 has already been added to the price of this item. You can send your good core back to us for a refund, or you can choose to keep this core.*

If you have any questions please call us at 605-359-7829 or email

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