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South Side Performance 1st Gear Set for Nissan R35 GTR

SSP Performance


South Side Performance 1st and Final Gear Set for Nissan R35 GTR



This is much more than just 1st gear upgrade. Albins 1000hp rated 1st gear replacement offers unrivalled performance and reliability advantages with over 50% strength increase over stock gears.



40% more tooth width and contact area than standard gears.

Increased shaft thickness eliminates shaft deflection.

Gear ground tooth profile rather than cut offers tooth profile perfection.

Robotic CMM scanned tooth profiles deliver perfect gear mesh with zero gear noise increase.

Manufactured to ISO 9001/2008 quality standards.

Billet high-alloy proprietary grade steel.

CAD engineered custom tooth profiles.

Manufactured as a direct fitment replacement for standard units.

No need to replace reverse gear as with competitor sets.

Computer controlled heat treatment.

Anti-Fatigue Shot peening treatment as standard on components.

Engineered and marked in conjunction with SSP USA.

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