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Racelogic Tire Temperature Monitoring System



This system has been specifically designed to measure the highly transient surface temperature of a tire, providing invaluable information for chassis tuning and driver development.

Each sensor can measure up to 16 temperature points on an object with surface temperatures ranging from -4°F to 572°F and come in either 60˚or 120˚field of view options allowing you to log tire temperatures throughout a session when used with a VBOX Video HD2 system. This kit can also be used with a VBOX Touch to display the data in real time inside the cockpit.

Monitor race car tyre temperatures with VBOX Sensors from Racelogic VBOX on Vimeo.


Please see the datasheet and configuration guide for more information.

Please note, that a CAN Gateway is required to log data from the tire temperature sensors and a vehicle CAN bus at the same time. 

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