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OS Giken Porsche 964 911 RS GT2C Twin Plate Clutch Kit

EDO Performance


Through rigorous research and development of high performance engines, we realized the need for the production of higher quality, more durable clutch systems to meet the rigorous demands of race and sport driving. OS Giken multi-plate clutch is able to transmit engine revolutions and output to the drivetrain without loss. They are made of the highest quality materials and their durability is second to none. OS Clutches are designed to meet the demands of even the most heavily modified vehicles.

This twin plate clutch kit will be our very first PULL Type clutch offered into the market. It will feature our Grand Touring type pressure plate that will provide a very smooth initial engagement to please even the most discriminating street user. The installer will be able to choose which type of diaphragm spring to use for the customer to further customize our clutch kit for particular preferences or vehicle power output. The STANDARD diaphragm spring will provide an OEM like pedal feel and be capable for power output below 650hp. The HARD diaphragm spring will produce a clutch pedal roughly 25% heavier than stock, yet increase clutch capacity to around 750hp. (Porsche 964 RS OEM Clutch Bearing, Guide Tube, Flywheel Bolts, and Pilot Bearing to be used)



Porsche 964 911 RS GT2C

Pictures may not represent the actual product(s). Some OS Clutches may not include the movement alteration kit and/or release assembly. Please inquire before making a purchase.

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