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🏁 Race to EDO Performance to supercharge your savings on high-performance auto parts, fluids, and accessories! 🚗💨

Nismo Z32 Fairlady Z Twin Turbo Air Flow Meter

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by Nismo
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An air flow meter measures the amount of air entering into the engine, converting it into a voltage signal. This signal is then transmitted to the ECU.

In the Nissan Silvia (240SX) equipped with an SR20DET turbo engine, as well as the GTR, the original air flow meter has limited capacities when it comes to reading the volume of air passing through. When the incoming air is taken beyond the set parameters, the meter is then unable to read the air intake amount, hindering fuel and ignition timing management of the engine.

A Japanese spec Silvia equipped with a turbocharger has a limit of 290 horsepower on a stock air flow meter. To achieve bigger horsepower numbers, there are three available options.

- Install larger capacity air flow meter

- D Jethro setup conversion(air flow meter elimination)

- Regulate and convert voltage input with piggyback computer

Power gains are not realized by simply exchanging to a larger air flow meter. The air flow meter is basically just a tool used to measure the amount of incoming air and only is used contiguously to when fuel intake is increased and the ignition timing is controlled. An ECU setting is required when upgrading air flow meters. Please have this attempted only by a trained professional.

The V6 3000cc Z32 Fairlady Z comes factory equipped with a twin turbocharger setup however, a single air flow meter regulates the air intake. Therefore, the opening (80mm) accommodates to a larger amount of air; twice the amount.

In comparison, the Skyline GTR is equipped with two air flow meters, but each meter measures at a significantly lower voltage rate than that of the Z32.

In the United States, plenty of second hand air flow meters are in circulation so one must be aware that these meters are extremely fragile, and can easily be broken. Meters that have been used for extended miles can send erroneous data to the ECU, which can greatly hinder engine performance. This errorneous data can also result in catastrophic damage to the engine while tuning. Therefore, it is always recommended that a new air flow meter be used at all times.