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Nismo SILVIA 180SX Reinforced Close Ratio 6 Speed Transmission



SILVIA 180SX Reinforced Close Ratio 6 Speed Transmission

The SR20 S15 6 Speed gearbox has had some negative feedback in terms of it's reliability with upgraded engines. Since the SR20 has a lot of potential to produce a lot more power once upgraded the standard gearbox is usually not capable to holding this power. So Nismo had looked into this since the use of the Silvia and SR20 are very popular world wide for Drifting, Time Attack, Circuit use and Drag Racing. This all round fun street sports car is one of the most popular sports cars to come out of Japan. Value for money performance and the fun of the rear wheel drive medium weight sports car.

Now all Silvia, 180SX, 200SX and 240SX owners can enjoy the true sporty feel and enjoyment from a close ratio, strengthened 6 Speed transmission without the loud noisy whining sounds that you get from aftermarket gearboxes. Nismo is a well respected brand name and with it's long history in motor sports and close links with Nissan you can rest assured that your money is well spent on this upgrade.

Ideal Gear Ratio

This transmission was designed for circuit use and drift applications 1st and 2nd gear ratios have been brought closer to 3rd gear and 6th is now closer to 5th gear.

With increased strength and closer gear ratios normally increases operating noise as well but Nismo has designed this product with the daily driven car in mind and thus having a quieter performance gearbox.

Improved Gear Strength

Strength has been increased by changing the gear ratio and also the gears diameter. In areas where the gear ratio has not been changed, strengthening was made possible by reducing the number of both the counter and main gear teeth and by increasing the size of the gears teeth. Reduction on the torsion angle and thrust power shock to the front of the counter-shaft is also reduced. This helps minimize any potential damage to the end face of the counter-reverse gear.

Superior Operational Feel

The Nismo Reinforced Cross (Close Ratio) Transmission draws on the strengths of the standard FS6R92A and through certain refinements, added reinforcement and optimized gear ratio provides a level of operation incomparable with competition only dog & synchro engagement transmissions of the past. This is the best balanced upgraded transmission to suit both competition and daily use without the loud uncomfortable operational sounds of true competition only designed transmissions.

Applications: S15 (SR20DE), S14, S13

The S15 speedometer obtains its signal from the ABS sensor so this transmission has not speed drive gear on the transmission. Since there is no speedometer indicator when using this on S13 and S14 models an optional speedometer drive gear will also need to be fitted. We also keep these in stock ready for dispatch.

We are proud to announce that we have these Nismo Transmissions IN STOCK right here in the US at our warehouse ready for IMMEDIATE DISPATCH !! Be quick as these move fast!

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