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Nismo Engine Mount (right)



Compared to regular motor vehicles, tuned and modified cars are known for its increased velocity and high cornering speed. Because of this, the engine and transmission take far more abuse than the norm.

By using regular or worn down mounts may result in the following.

Excessive Engine Vibration

Plumbing Problems Caused By This Excessive Vibration

Steering Wheel Oscillation Caused By Engine Vibration

Hindered Stability when Turning

Gear Disengagement Due to Transmission Vibration

Shifting Difficulties Due to Transmission Vibration

Chassis becomes fatigued due to Vibration Absorbtion

Therefore, it is recommended that the engine & transmission mounts be swapped out.


These units are a direct swap, sustaining an identical shape of a stock unit. The rubber material has been made with stronger composites, so they are more than ready to be used for aggressive driving activities such as drifting and circuit driving. The transmission mounts enable and improve a smooth gear engagement, increasing the driving sensation to another level. Plus, Nismo is an entity of the Nissan Motor Company, so the price is set at a reasonable rate.


S13 240SX w/SR20 equipped

S14 240SX w/SR20 equipped

PS13 Silvia (JDM)

S14 Silvia (JDM)

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