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Motul RBF 600 - Racing Dot 4, 1/2L (16.9 fl.oz.)



500 ml. Bottle

100% synthetic, RBF 600 FACTORY LINE is a polyglycol-based brake fluid exclusively designed for races. Developed to resist high temperatures and wet-weather conditions, RBF 600 has a high dry boiling point of 312C and a wet boiling point of 216C. This ensures effective braking under extreme racing or rainy conditions. Couple this with its outstanding anti-vapor lock performance, RBF 600 has become a well-trusted brake fluid in many races.


100% synthetic, polyglycol-based. Has extreme thermal resistance and stability.


All types of hydraulic actuated brakes and clutch systems (not to be used with silicon-based and mineral-based brake fluids).

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