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Motul Carbu Clean 400ML Carburetor Cleaner



Motul Carburator Cleaner

Very powerful cleaning agent for carburetor spray.

Carburetor cleaner especially developed to eliminate deposits and varnish on butterfly valves, throttle-chambers, nozzles, tanks, floats, venturi tubes.


Carbu Clean stabilizes the idle and improves engine acceleration.


Shake before use.

Usage with the engine turned off, disassemble the air filter and spray Carbu Clean on the air intake pipe, let stand for 10 minuts. Repaet with that engineon spraying product on nozzles and throttle chambers.

Carburetor or injection body disassembled :

Spray from a short distance on the areas to be cleaned.

Let stand and respray on very dirty areas.

Wipe with a dry piece of fabric.

For 4 stroke engines, complete the operation with Motul Fuel system Clean

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