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Motul BRAKE CLEAN / contact cleaner - 13.5oz



BRAKE CLEAN / contact cleaner - 13.5oz


Brakes and clutches
Brake and clutch pad residue.
All mechanical parts and systems
Engine dismantling, levers, axes of brake, clutch mechanisms and shock absorbers, chain stops and adjusters, felloes, oil, grease, tar residue...
Electrical circuits
Electrics, plugs, suppressors...
Plastics, paintwork, varnish
Grand Prix and Superbike teams also use MOTUL BRAKE CLEANER to swifty remove, rubber and tar residue on the fairing.
Since MOTUL BRAKE CLEANER is very powerful, it is more advisable to test prior to use (on a hidden little area) before using it on plastical material, paintings and varnishes.


Dissolves oil, grease and tar. Leaves no marks. No need to rub. Evaporates very quickly leaving no marks.


Shake before use.
Spray from a short distance on the areas to be cleaned.
Respray on very dirty areas. Evaporates very quickly.

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