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Motul 8100 X-Cess Synthetic Oil - 5W40 5L (1.3 Gallon)



5 Liter Bottle

8100 X-CESS 5W-40 is specially designed for the more recent and powerful cars. Featuring outstanding detergent dispersants properties, 8100 X-CESS 5W-40 ensures cleaner engines.


Suitable for all types of gasoline or diesel car engines powered with turbo diesel or gasoline injection engines and catalytic converters.

ACEA Standards: ACEA A3/B4
API Standards: API SN/CF
OEM Approvals :OPEL GM LL-B-025 ; MB-Approval 229.5 ; BMW LL-01 ; PORSCHE A40 ; VW 502 00 / 505 00 ; Renault RN 0710 / 0700

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