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Liqui Moly Long-Life Grease + MoS2 - 100ml



High performance grease for a wide application range in all motor vehicles and for general machine lubrication. Thanks to added MoS2 it offers outstanding protection during extreme loads and high heat and also adds limp-home properties. For heavily loaded bearings and joints, splined shafts, threads and guides. Ideal for constant velocity drive joints. Certification: acc DIN 51502 KPF 2K-30. Operating temperature range: -65 °C to +120 °C (-86 °F to +248 °F), up to +130 °C (+266 °F) briefly.


- friction and wear reducing

- outstanding lubricating action

- highest load-carrying capacity

- especially resistant to cold and hot water

- economical

- can be delivered by centralized lubrication systems

- universal application

- good corrosion protection

- distinctive high-pressure characteristics

- increases operational reliability

- high resistance to aging

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