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🏁 Race to EDO Performance to supercharge your savings on high-performance auto parts, fluids, and accessories! 🚗💨

IPD 991.1 Turbo Non-S/S 3.8L 74mm Plenum ('13-'16): Power Gains 40 WHP / 45 WTQ

SKU IPD-91274
by IPD
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991.1 Turbo /S IPD Plenum

Introduction: The 991 Porsche Turbo, with its dramatically redesigned exterior, retained the powerhouse engine of its predecessor, the 997.2 Turbo, marking another leap in Porsche's pursuit of high-performance excellence. Known as the 9A1 engine, it outputs an impressive 520 HP, or 560 HP for the "S" version, setting new benchmarks in the sports car domain.

IPD Plenum Overview: The 991 IPD Turbo Plenum, closely mirroring the design of the 997.2 Turbo Plenums, introduces a singular 74mm version that perfectly aligns with the factory 74mm throttle body. This adaptation is crucial due to the 991 Turbo's intake manifolds being smaller than those of the 997.1, a change that favors boost response and fuel efficiency but poses challenges for significant power enhancements. The chosen 74mm TB ensures optimal airflow, making the larger 82mm "Competition" version unnecessary for these more restrictive intakes.

Performance Enhancement: The IPD Plenum's patented design excels in all forced induction scenarios, and the 991 Turbo benefits remarkably from this innovation. It delivers substantial increases in power and torque across the entire range, with notable peaks in the critical midrange. These enhancements contribute to a smoother, more linear power delivery and a quicker boost response, extending the power band's length and appeal.

Driving Experience: The modifications brought by the 991 Turbo IPD Plenums ensure a reliable boost in performance for both daily driving and motorsport pursuits, further intensifying the exhilarating experience of driving a Porsche Turbo.

Adaptation Period: Optimal performance from the IPD Plenum necessitates an adaptation period, achievable through a series of hard pulls on a dyno or spirited driving sessions, preferably on a closed course to ensure safety and compliance with IPD's recommendations.

Installation Recommendations: To preserve the integrity of the vehicle and ensure maximum performance gains, professional installation by certified Porsche technicians is strongly advised.

The 991.1 Turbo /S IPD Plenum stands as a testament to continuous innovation in enhancing the performance of what is already considered one of the most formidable engines in the sports car arena. By addressing the nuances of the 991 Turbo's design, it promises drivers an unmatched level of power, responsiveness, and driving pleasure.