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🏁 Race to EDO Performance to supercharge your savings on high-performance auto parts, fluids, and accessories! 🚗💨
🏁 Race to EDO Performance to supercharge your savings on high-performance auto parts, fluids, and accessories! 🚗💨

IPD 991.2 Turbo Non-S/S IPD Carbon High Flow Y-Pipe ('17-'19)

SKU IPD-91600.2
by IPD
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Original price $ 2,495.00
$ 2,495.00
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$ 2,495.00

Our latest innovation, the 991 Carbon Turbo Y-Pipes, represents a significant leap forward in performance engineering for Porsche 991 Turbos and GT2RS models. Designed to unlock substantial horsepower and torque gains across the entire power spectrum, these Y-Pipes do so without the weight burden typically associated with cast aluminum parts. Drawing inspiration from our successful 991 Turbo Y-Pipes, this new iteration features enhanced “non-round” runners and an optimized merge collector design, significantly improving intake airflow and boosting engine performance for both stock and extensively modified Turbos.

Engineering Excellence Through Advanced Materials and Processes

In our pursuit of creating the next-generation Y-Pipes, we evaluated an array of materials, manufacturing techniques, and designs. The breakthrough came with the decision to utilize a high-grade composite material, allowing for thinner wall sections and eliminating the drawbacks of casting shifts. This innovation not only increased the cross-sectional area for enhanced airflow but also marked a significant advancement in our design philosophy.

Collaborating with a manufacturing partner renowned for their expertise in top-tier motorsports, we insisted on the highest quality UV-stable structural prepreg composite, cured in an autoclave to ensure durability and performance. To maintain hose compatibility and aesthetic appeal, we utilized female tooling for the exterior surfaces. Internally, we employed bladder tooling to avoid the common pitfalls of vacuum bag layup, such as folds and wrinkles, ensuring a smooth, uniform internal surface. This aerospace-grade manufacturing process not only ensures impeccable quality but also results in a part that is 75% lighter than its aluminum counterparts, significantly enhancing the handling and dynamics of rear-engine Porsche models.

Performance Gains Without Compromise

The Carbon Y-Pipes are not just about weight savings; they are engineered to deliver the same remarkable performance improvements as their predecessors: gains of over 40+ wheel horsepower and 50+ wheel torque. These enhancements are a testament to our commitment to providing Turbo owners with motorsport-level components and the highest standards of quality.

Proudly designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA, the 991 Carbon Turbo Y-Pipes embody the pinnacle of performance upgrades, requiring no modifications for installation. For optimal results, we recommend installation by an experienced Porsche technician familiar with the 991 platform, ensuring that your vehicle achieves its full performance potential with this direct bolt-on upgrade.